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Quote of the Day

Allow yourself to be a beginner. No-one starts off being excellent.” – Unknown

It’s OK to stumble and fail when you are learning something new. That’s how we all make progress, and grow.

Expect to trip up. Expect it to take time.

This is the normal journey to success.

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How do I make a Decision?

When you’re trying to make a difficult decision, bear the following points in mind:

1. Ask yourself if you will look back and feel proud of yourself in a month, a year, or 10 years from now. That should influence the choice you make.

2. Think about the strategies you used when making decisions in the past. What worked and what didn’t? Apply that information to your current decision.

3. Try and quieten the voices around you and listen to your heart.

4. Take your time. Rushed decisions are rarely good decisions. Don’t act in haste.

5. Think about the impact it will have on others, especially those who are closest to you.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Few decisions are irrevocable – and living without risk is a life half-lived. If nothing else, we can always learn from our mistakes.

7. Talk it over with people who know you well, and are willing to be honest, and to speak the truth. (Also, who won’t only say what you want to hear.)

8. Ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that could happen? What are the chances it will happen? And can I survive if it all falls apart?

9. Get as much information as possible. Try to see the problem from every angle, and think about every possible outcome and effect.

10. Take time out and walk away from the decision. Opting for some space usually brings a new, and more objective, perspective.

11. Be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t sugar coat the truth, or try to kid yourself.

12. If you have to talk yourself into making a decision, then the chances are that it’s not a good decision.

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How do you see Yourself?

“It’s not what you broadcast to everyone else that determines the trajectory of your life; it’s what you whisper to yourself behind closed doors that has the greatest power and influence.” – marcandangel

Deep down inside we know this is true; and we know that we hold some self-limiting beliefs.

To help you work through this in your own experience, we suggest taking time to through the following:

1. How do you really see yourself?

2. How do you really feel about yourself?

3. What do you think you deserve from life?

4. What do you think you can achieve in life?

5. Is there a discrepancy between what you affirm – boldly, out loud, in front of the world – and what you expect and believe in your heart?

6. Why are these different? What has happened to undermine your self belief?

7. What might be causing the blockage that might stop you getting what you want in life?

8. What steps could you take to begin to change that?  

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When you want to give up

1. Remember why you started – what your reasons were. What was the “spark” that got you going, and inspired you to begin on the journey you are on?

2. List all the reasons why you can persevere, and make it to the end so you reach your goal. Remind yourself you have what you need to succeed.

3. Give yourself permission to give up if you choose. That reminds you that it’s you who is in control. You’re choosing to do this as it’s what you want to do.

4. Think of all the reasons why you should persevere – as that will stop you thinking about why you should give up. What are the benefits? What will you gain? How will you feel when you’ve reached your goal?

5. Instead of concentrating on the struggle and the work, focus all that energy on looking for solutions.

6. Recognise success will require some sacrifice. It’s always lots of work, and every winner pays a price. “No pain no gain” is a basic truth in life.

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How to Manage your Time Better

1. Have a realistic plan for your day. Don’t just work on impulse, and don’t do try to do more than you can handle.

2. Prioritize your work, and do the most important things first.

3. Know what your distractions are, and take steps to control them (for example, switch off your phone).

4. Start early, and keep on going, even when you feel discouraged or fed up.

5. Know what’s irrelevant, and don’t waste your time on unproductive, or pointless things.

6. Switch between focused work and lots of short breaks.

7. Be flexible if you meet with obstacles, or things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.

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Understanding the Road to Success

1. It will hurt.

2. It will take time and effort.

3. It will require commitment.

4. It will require perseverance.

5. You will need to keep on making make healthy decisions.

6. It will require pain and sacrifice.

7. You will need to push yourself to the max at times.

8. There will be tough days and discouragement.

9. There will be temptations that you’ll have to push against.

10. But it will all be worth it – and you’ll get there in the end.