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Building Trust in Relationships

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Trust is at the heart of all strong relationships. It allows us to feel safe and secure with one another. Hence, it’s crucial that we know what the key components are so we can actively develop and cultivate trust. Some tips to help you here include the following:

1. Be Reliable. Even small things – like canceling an arrangement or failing to follow through on a commitment you have made – can undermine and fracture the relationship. If this happens on a regular basis the whole foundation will crumble and fall.

2. Related to this, always strive to keep the promises you’ve made. Trust requires that people believe you are a person who’s dependable and reliable. If you have to break a promise, then explain face-to-face why you have to let the person down.

3. Tell the truth. It’s easy to resort to telling a white lie to protect another person, or to cover your back. But if you tell the truth even when it isn’t pleasant, you will become a person who is known for being honest and trustworthy.

4. Volunteer information. When you have the chance to be vague – don’t take it. Instead be open and transparent, and share important details with the person. Volunteering information says you’ve nothing to hide.

5. Don’t share other peoples’ secrets. We only feel we’re safe with a person who’s discreet. Remember: a confidence is a confidence is a confidence.

6. Display loyalty, and be there for that person. This communicates you’re caring and a genuine friend.