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How to Fight Perfectionism

1. Delete “ought”, “must” and “should” from your vocabulary.

2. Get rid of all unrealistic goals, and replace them with realistic, achievable goals.

3. Accept and love yourself unconditionally.

4. Recognize that NOBODY is perfect – despite what the media, or other people, say.

5. Love your quirks and value your uniqueness.

6. See mistakes as lessons on the road to success.

7. Notice all the positives, and small accomplishments.

8. Enjoy, and be thankful for, the good things in your life.

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The Successful Person …

The successful person:

1. Makes time for themselves

2. Takes on new challenges

3. Can take a break from their work

4. Sets realistic goals

5. Perseveres when things are hard

6. Enforces healthy boundaries

7. Doesn’t beat themselves up

8. Doesn’t get bogged down with guilt

9. Thinks of others and their needs

10. Lives a life of gratitude.

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Good Habits to Develop — Don’t Lose Hope

1. Set yourself some daily goals. Keep them realistic and achievable. That will give direction – so you don’t fritter your time. 2. Read inspirational books and blogs; hang around people who are positive. 3. Stay in touch with what’s happening in the world. We’re not just islands – we are part of one another. […]

Good Habits to Develop — Don’t Lose Hope
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Quote of the Day — Don’t Lose Hope

“I used to think healing meant ridding the heart of anything that hurt. It meant putting your pain behind you, leaving it in the past. But I’m learning that’s not how it works. Healing is figuring out how to coexist with the pain that will always live inside of you, without pretending it isn’t there, […]

Quote of the Day — Don’t Lose Hope
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How to be Mentally Strong

1. Don’t look to the world to give you an identity.

2. Don’t look to your family and friends for approval.

3. Set your own goals and believe in yourself.

4. Expect things to take time.

5. Expect to meet with setbacks.

6. Expect people to put you down, and for some to walk away.

7. Don’t be swayed by pressure from others.

8. Don’t resent others gifts and successes.

9. Accept that somethings cannot be controlled.

10. Believe that you will make it one day.

Do it for you!

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Things that can Destroy your Motivation

Things that destroy your motivation include:

1. Not having goals. You can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are.

2. Choosing goals that don’t inspire you. You won’t be able to keep on going if the prize at the end doesn’t really matter to you.

3. Expecting immediate results. Anything worthwhile is a battle and a struggle. It takes times and effort to bring about a change.

4. Lack of support. We all need someone to believe in us and to be our cheerleader when we start to feel discouraged.

5. Not believing in yourself. As Henry Ford so wisely said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

6. Feeling bored. Most success involves a lot of humdrum work, and repeatedly doing the same kind of stuff. But each day brings you closer to achieving what you want.

7. Inaction and laziness. You have to work the plan before the plan will work … and dreams are only dream till you turn your thoughts to actions. Also, it’s crucially important that you manage your time well, and you don’t get distracted or procrastinate.

8.  Being around negative people. There are plenty of people who only see the flaws, and whose eyes are on the problems, and the absence of solutions. If you hang out with them, you will lose your zest and passion, and your positive outlook will soon be undermined. 

9. Comparing yourself to others. We each are individuals, and we start from different places; we all face our challenges, and work at different rates. Remember “it’s your journey”. Be patient with yourself.

10. Encountering setbacks. No matter how great your plans, or your level of commitment, you’re bound to face some setbacks and encounter obstacles. That’s a normal part of growth – just keep going when life’s tough.    

We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are.”  – Max Depree

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How to Become a Better Problem Solver

The following can help your to become a better problem solver:

1. Set aside time to think. Google gives its engineer a thinking day each week. This has been shown to increases their creativity – and also their productivity.

2. Play games. Research indicates that playing competitive games encourages us to come up with creative strategies and solutions. This can be applied to all areas of life.

3. Learn from your mistakes. Sometimes inspiration and genius comes from connecting the dots between your mistakes.

4. Ditch the rules. Often thinking outside the box – and abandoning the normal practices and rules – will free your mind to think of a completely new solution.

5. Give yourself permission to fail. If you’re too scared of failing then you’ll never take a risk. Also, we need to go down some blind alleys on our journey to success.

6.  Break with the routine. Change the order that you do things, your environment, or room. That breaks the “same old” thinking patterns, and gives rise to new ideas.

7. Talk to others. We can learn a lot from others as we’re all individuals – with different outlooks, thoughts, perspectives, dreams and life experiences.  

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7 Ways of Dealing with the Winter Blues

1. Stay active – Make sure you build exercise into your life.

2. Stay warm – Wear plenty of clothes, and have hot drinks and meals as feeling cold can make you feel depressed and blue.

3. Go outside – And get all the light you can. The days may be short but you can still grab some fresh air.

4. Eat a healthy diet – As high carbs affect our mood, and a drop in sugar level will cause feelings to slump.

5. Spend time with other people – Don’t isolate yourself … And being with good friends and family can keep your spirits high.

6. Keep busy – Try a new activity or do something you love, as feeling bored and empty will exacerbate the blues.

7. Play your favourite music – The kind that lifts your mood, and blows away the cobwebs, and leaves you feeling good.

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Your Trauma Made You Stronger – Right? — Don’t Lose Hope

“Your trauma made you stronger.” No. My trauma left me traumatized. My trauma left me bludgeoned and bleeding. It left me totally destroyed from endless triggers and constant broken sleep. It left empty, and scared, and unable to trust … My partner. The world. Afraid to trust myself. It left me floundering and dealing with […]

Your Trauma Made You Stronger – Right? — Don’t Lose Hope