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How to be More Honest in Relationships

Being real in relationships can be difficult at times. Here are some tips to help you with this:

1. Notice the other person’s moods, and choose a time when they seem to be more comfortable and relaxed.

2. Pay attention to timing. Choose a time when they are unrushed, aren’t under pressure, or following a tight schedule.

3. Remind yourself that your views, opinions, wishes, rights and feelings are important.

4. Expect there to be some pauses, or for things NOT to go exactly as you hope. That’s just normal in all relationships. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that there’s a problem.

5. Listen to your heart. Follow your intuition. Don’t only listen to the spoken words. Listen and respond to the energy and emotions behind the words.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions or let negative assumptions stop you from hearing what the other has to say. Don’t twist their words or their intentions in some way.

7. Speak your truth calmly and respectfully – and remember that you matter and deserve to have a voice.



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