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Why is it so hard to forgive? — Don’t Lose Hope

“Everyone says forgiveness is a good idea until they have something to forgive.” – C.S. Lewis Forgiveness is a difficult, and somewhat touchy, topic. It’s something we are told that we ought to offer others. But ask anyone, and you’re likely to hear that forgiveness is a struggle if you’ve been hurt and betrayed.  And […]

Why is it so hard to forgive? — Don’t Lose Hope


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2 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to forgive? — Don’t Lose Hope

  1. This is an excellent description of forgiveness as a process. I have been through this process a couple of times (not in relation to marital betrayal, but almost as deep) and it helped to remind myself repeatedly that forgiveness is not a feeling but an act of the will. Whenever I felt the twist of the knife, I would willfully give the whole thing over to God. Eventually the enemy stopped tormenting me about it. Years later I learned that the person who had wronged me had been arrested for something I had no idea he was doing. He is now serving a long prison sentence. God’s discipline was far more severe than my petty revenge would have been.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it is a process. I really appreciate you sharing how you dealt with that twisting of the knife. I often think of the verse which says “It is an awesome thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” When we hand someone over to God, it frees us in our heart (at least for that moment) … For me, it also helps to pair that with the reminder that God really DOES care for me, and will act on my behalf. Thanks again!

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