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How to go after your dreams

“She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave.”

1. Try to get in touch with your dreams. What do you fantasize about doing with your life? What kind of future makes you feel alive, and makes you feel excited, inspired and energized?

2. Read blogs, books or stories about other people who are following their heart, or are living out your dream. Try and glean some insights, and some good ideas from them.

3. Talk to people who will stand behind you, and encourage you to hang in, persevere and push ahead.

4. Identify the different things that matter to you – and which may interfere with you desire to keep on going. For example, the opinions of others, fear of ridicule or failure, a need to make to money and be financially secure. Do these matter more, and will they stop you from achieving, especially when obstacles are strewn along your way?

5. Begin to take some steps, and make some changes in your life. While you’re just thinking and dreaming, your life will stay the same. You need to plan and take some action to change reality.

6. Believe in yourself – and keep on reaching for your dreams. What’s worthwhile will take effort, and commitment, on your part.


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