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Tips for Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Some tips for pushing forward when you feel afraid, or are battling anxiety, include:

1. Start small; take the first step; and remember it’s a journey. This is just the beginning. You only have to make a start.

2. Have faith in yourself. At least you’re brave enough to try. If you’re patient and keep trying you’ll get there eventually.

3. Make a list of all your fears so they’re not formless and vague. It is easier to fight them if you know what your fears are.

4. Accept that life is hard, and fear is natural and normal. Every person who succeeds will have to face and deal with fear.

5. Remind yourself of your successes and the ways in which you’ve changed. You have triumphed and succeeded over obstacles before.

6. Remind yourself that there are others who believe that you can make it.

7. Imagine how you’ll look and how you’ll feel when you’ve succeed. It’s worth making the effort. Don’t give up: you’ll reach your goal!


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