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12 Things Happy People do Differently

Happy people value and choose:

1. Love over Fear: People, who are truly happy, are less fearful and more loving. They see every moment, every challenge, and every person as an opportunity to learn more about themselves, and the world.

2. Acceptance over Resistance: Happy people know you can’t really change things by denying and resisting them. So, when bad things happen, they don’t get angry and complain. Instead, they ask themselves questions like: “What can I learn from this? How can I do make this better?

3. Forgiveness over Unforgiveness: Truly happy individuals understand that it’s destructive to hold on to feelings of anger. Instead, they choose to forgive and let go, understanding that (in the end) forgiveness is a gift they give themselves.

4. Trust over Mistrust: They trust themselves … and they have learned to figure out who is trustworthy, and who they should avoid.

5. Meaning over Ambition: Happy people do the things they do because they add meaning and purpose to their lives. They’re not driven by the need to gain acceptance, praise and approval from others.

6. Challenges over Obstacles: Happy people see problems as challenges, and as opportunities to explore new ways of seeing and doing things. Challenges are things which help them grow.

7. Selflessness over Selfishness: Happy people seek out ways ways to give to other people – of themselves, their time, their gifts, and their money. They are not self-focused and self-absorbed.

8. Kindness over Harshness: Happy people are gentle and kind with themselves, and also with other people. They know the value and power of self-love and self-acceptance – and they freely love and accept other people.

9. Gratitude over Ingratitude: No matter where they are, or who they are with, happy people have the capacity to see beauty where others only see ugliness. They’re also quick to express their gratitude.

10. Being Present over Being Disengaged: Happy people know how to live in the moment, appreciating what they have, and who they are with. They are not constantly being dragged down by the past, or distracted by what could go wrong in the future.

11. Positivity over Negativity: Regardless of what is going on in their life, happy people are able to adopt and maintain a positive attitude.

12. Taking Responsibility over Blaming: Happy people assume full ownership of their lives. They assume responsibility for their choices, decisions, actions, reactions, beliefs and attitudes.


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One thought on “12 Things Happy People do Differently

  1. I see examples of #1 and #2 every day. The news seems to be nothing but constant fearmongering, so I try to keep it at a minimum. As for acceptance, when something unplanned and unpleasant happens, I’ve found that instead of “Make it stop!” a better prayer is, “Lord, what are You up to?” (The answers to that question make some great stories. 😉


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