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The People you Need in your Life

1. The Cheerleader: They cheer you on and believe in everything you do. When you mess up, they don’t even bat an eye. They keep you focused on how to push through, and are always on your side.

2. The Pusher: A pusher is someone who pushes you to be the best you can be. The pusher holds you accountable and doesn’t sit quietly when you goof up.

3. The Loyal Confidant: This is the person who loves you and will always be there to hear what’s on your mind; the good, bad and ugly. The loyal confidant not only listens but knows that any slip-ups you have don’t define you.

4. The Energizer: The energizer in your life will scoop you up and make you laugh when times are rough, reminding you to stay motivated when you want to give up.

5. The Best Friend: Your best friend is the one person that knows everything about you and loves every bit of you anyway! They can look at you from across the room and when you exchange looks know EXACTLY what you are thinking.

6. The Funny (Crazy) Friend: Funny friends remind you not to take yourself seriously, they make tense situations more comfortable with a single face gesture. These people truly can change your outlook on your day with just a single call or text.

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