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10 Things to Consider when Making a Decision

1. What strategies have you used before – and which were the most helpful for making the right choice?

2. What is your gut instinct? What does your intuition say?

3. Which of the options appeals to you the most?

4. Will you feel proud if you decide to take this step?

5. How will it affect the other people in your life?

6. If it was a friend who was making the decision, what questions would you ask them? What advice would you offer them?

7. What’s the worst thing that could happen to you here – and what are the chances that this will be the outcome? How would you cope if that actually happened?

8. Do you have to talk yourself into making the decision? If you do, then it is possible you’re making a mistake?

9. How does it line up with your purposes and goals? Does it help to move you closer to your dreams?

10. How will you feel when you look back at your life, ten years from now? Which of the options will you wish you had taken, and why?


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