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Things to Stop Saying to Yourself

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Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, and we’re far too quick to criticize ourselves. We are harsh and demanding, and we put ourselves down, instead of being caring and compassionate.

So perhaps it is time to challenge this self-talk, and to treat ourselves fairly, and to build ourselves up.

Things to stop saying to yourself include:

  1. “I’m no good at …”

Say instead “It’s just a skill, and something I can learn.”

  1. “I’m such a failure …”

Say instead “I got it wrong, and everybody makes mistakes.”

  1. “There’s no point in trying …”

Say instead “It may be hard, but step by step will get me there.”

  1. “Everybody hates me; I’ve got no friends …”

Say instead “It doesn’t really matter what these people think of me. There are others who will recognize my value and worth.”

  1. “I hate myself. I deserve to be rejected …”

Say instead “I am beautiful inside, and have value and worth. I deserve to be cherished and be treated well.”


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8 thoughts on “Things to Stop Saying to Yourself

  1. I love this post, it is so important to feel good about yourself, I personally try to strike a balance by not comparing myself favourably to others, but by not comparing myself at all, negative self talk will always hold us back, when you remove can’t from your vocabulary then you literally can do anything.


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